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  • ***Today (14th May), the NOTN Technical Team briefed the Nigerian statutory “Tariff Technical Committee” (TTC), chaired by the Federal Ministry of Finance, on technical work already in place, to prepare Nigeria for the AfCFTA. The briefing focused on Nigeria’s tariff inputs, in the context of ECOWAS, as a Customs Union, in the AfCFTA. The TTC has statutory responsibility for setting Nigeria’s tariffs, while NOTN negotiates tariff concessions for trade in goods and, specific commitments for trade in services. Technical Team was led by Demitta Gyang, Assistant Chief Negotiator (AfCFTA/ECOWAS). *** Ambassador Osakwe, in Introductory Remarks, commended Mme. Fatimah Hayatu, Director, Technical Services at the Federal Ministry of Finance, for her technical management and professionalism in chairing the TTC. *** Today, 14th May, Ambassador Osakwe, DG NOTN and Mr. Memme Onwudiwe, President of the Harvard African Law Association (HALA), for 2017-2018, in a telephone conference, consolidated and re-affirmed the 2018 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between NOTN and HALA, on “Legal and Policy Research, Training and Capacity-Building and establishment of Trade Clinics”, between NOTN and HALA. The MOU was re-affirmed with Miss Marvellous Iheukwumere, new and current HALA President, for 2019-2020. Ambassador Osakwe congratulated Miss Iheukwumere on her new responsibilities. *** The Nigerian Office for Trade Negotiations and the Harvard African Law Association, consolidate and reaffirm today (14 May 2019) their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), originally negotiated in 2018, on Policy and Legal Research, Training, Capacity-Building and mutually beneficial work on Trade Law and Policy Clinics *** On the Second Anniversary of the establishment of NOTN, DG Ambassador Osakwe, praises the robust and courageous leadership by HM- MITI Enelamah in giving direction and purpose to Nigeria's Trade Policy that had been lacking for long. Saying: “Minister Enelamah competently connected Nigeria's domestic structural reforms to trade Integration in AfCFTA Negotiations and Nigeria's priorities for ECOWAS Reforms.” And that “Nigeria was now better situated for Trade Policy in the 21st Century than ever before, under the Directives of President Buhari, which are being implemented by Dr. Enelamah” ***



  • EU – European Union
  • BREXIT – Britain Exit
  • CFTA – Continental Free Trade Area
  • ECOWAS – Economic Community of West Africa
  • CHOGM – Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
  • KENSA – Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria & South Africa
  • WTO – World Trade Organisation
  • AGOA – African Growth Opportunity Act
  • IP – Intellectual Property
  • ACN – Assistant Chief Negotiator
  • PCN – Principal Chief Negotiator
  • NYSC – National Youth Service Corps

  1. Functions and specific job descriptions to underpin the proposed Organizational structure are being drafted to reflect the complex totality of Nigeria’s economic and trade policy negotiating trade and investment relationships.
  2. Not included in the organogram, but required to run the Office, are:
    1. 3 Secretaries;
    2. 3 drivers; and,
    3. 2 Security personnel