Victor L. LIMAN

Acting Chief Trade Negotiator/Director General

Mr. Liman, the Acting Chief Trade Negotiator/Director General, Nigerian Office for Trade Negotiations (NOTN), has held different positions in NOTN. Prior to his current appointment, he was the Director of Administration and Finance, Department of Administration and Finance (NOTN), he was also the Assistant Chief Trade Negotiator/Director, Department of the African Continental Free Trade Area/ECOWAS (NOTN), and the Assistant Chief Trade Negotiator/Director, Department of Asia (NOTN). He is an Expert Advisor in International Investment and Trade Law, International Finance and Project Finance Law, Regulation, Governance, and Technology Law, he also advises on Bilateral and Multilateral Investment/Trade Treaties and Agreements.

Mr. Liman has a very rich educational background, spanning different fields of academic achievements. He obtained his first degree, Bachelor of Laws (LLB Hon.) from the University of Uyo. A Graduate Visitor at Stanford University (Palo Alto, USA); where he took courses on Strategic Decision Making in Public Policy, Telecommunications, Press Policy, and Films. His quest and hunger for knowledge took him to Europe where he received a Post Graduate Diploma in War Studies, Nuclear and Public Policy, and Academic English, at King’s College London (UK); he rounded up his Master of Laws (LLM), in International Investment Law, International Finance Law, Project Finance Law, Regulation and Technology Law, Biotechnology Law, and Comparative Intellectual Property Law, at King’s College London. A four year post graduate PhD. work in International Investment Law, King’s College London, a Certificate in International and Comparative Intellectual Property Law and International Human Rights Law from the London Law Consortium/University of Iowa London Law Programme, and Legal Practice Course work at the Oxford Institute of Legal Practice, Oxford. Mr. Liman is also an Associate of King’s College London; and a Senior Executive Fellow, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard and more.

Mr. Liman has a proven track record in successfully influencing, negotiating and liaising with institutions, private and public stakeholders at all levels.

As a young graduate, he founded, the Center for African Affairs and Global Peace; he was a Senior Special Assistant in the Bureau for Inter-Governmental and Legislative Affairs, Akwa Ibom State, he worked as a Special Adviser on Youth and Sports in Abak Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State; Mr. Liman has worked as a consultant with UNESCO-BREDA, Dakar, Senegal. He was the CEO/Co-Founder, Doditel Financial Services (UK), Doditel Telecoms, an internet and ecommerce services company (Appleberrys); he served as the Chief Executive Officer, Africa Policy Watch, UK; and Expert Advisor on Trade, Technology and Regulation Law in the UK.

Mr. Liman is a firm believer that the fast-paced and ever-changing world of work in the 21st century demands cutting edge preparedness that is tailored to the dynamics of today’s professionals. This means that a professional’s skills need to stretch beyond the basics of daily office routine and management.