Frequently Asked Questions

The NOTN stands for "Nigerian Office for Trade Negotiations"

By the Federal Executive Council Decision of 10th May, 2017, the NOTN has the mandate to "manage and lead Nigeria's trade and investment negotiations". The NOTN is the standing trade negotiation team for Nigeria, providing advice on trade policy, trade negotiations and recommending results from trade negotiations for approval by Council after review and recommendation by the Economic Management Team (EMT).

The NOTN is the institutional framework and foundation for Nigeria’s trade policy infrastructure. It will prepare and update Nigeria’s trade policy in a rapidly changing global economic landscape, so as to maximize Nigeria’s gains from trade. It will align domestic trade policy priorities to changing global reality. It will act, urgently, to stop and reverse the failures and costs from the uncoordinated positions from Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in trade-related negotiations. The NOTN shall have government-wide responsibility for the conduct and management of Nigeria’s trade policy and lead Nigeria’s trade negotiations.

The NOTN is responsible for developing an updated 21st century Nigerian trade and investment policy, including the urgent establishment of a WTO-consistent infrastructure for safeguarding the Nigerian economy. The NOTN will also work with the Ministry of Justice on establishing a "compulsory and comprehensive digital depository for trade and economic agreements - comprehensive database".

The NOTN is headed by Ambassador Chiedu Osakwe who is Director General and Chief Negotiator.

The NOTN is to be staffed by technically competent and specialized professionals to be trained in identified areas of trade negotiations. NOTN staffs are nominated from the 12 constituent Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).