Our Mandate

Specifically, the strategic rationale for establishing the NOTN is to:

  1. Correct and reverse the failures that have resulted from Nigeria’s trade negotiations in a number of current Agreements;
  2. Resolve the existing coordination deficit in Nigeria’s trade policy and stop the associated costs to economic growth and impediments in implementing the economic and trade policy priorities of government;
  3. Achieve coherence in trade, fiscal, monetary and foreign policies and, as a consequence, use trade policy and negotiations (as an instrument) to drive growth and provide policy space for Nigeria’s priorities for structural transformation to industrialize, diversify and modernize;
  4. Enlarge Nigeria’s market beyond the domestic to regional and global markets, by connection to value supply chains, through negotiated Free Trade Agreements (FTAs);
  5. Re-frame Nigeria’s strategic economic relations to regions of growth and new centers of economic gravity; and,

Modernize Nigeria’s infrastructure for trade policy and negotiations in line with global best practices and, in so doing, re-position Nigeria as a coordinated economy, in its negotiation